The nonprofit Plant Roots Global Women’s Robotics

Almost three years ago, Women in Robotics launched a grassroots initiative aimed at attracting more female talent to the tech industry, particularly in the male-dominated field of robotics. Today the group is a global nonprofit network starting its new chapter in San Antonio. The San Antonio chapter of Women in Robotics (WiR) is the group’s … Read more

The Holt-backed industrial technology company is celebrating its renovated home in southeast

When Joyce Pingel began looking for experts to help the Holt Group of Companies integrate its technology, she saw an opportunity. Pingle, chief information officer and head of digital innovation at Hult, has discovered many companies that offer systems integration and create and manage processes that integrate the different technologies that companies use to run … Read more

Lunar exploration is the subject of the STEM education program

A nonprofit group is seeking San Antonio students to participate in a free three-year program starting this fall to design and build devices to explore lunar caves. The Lunar Analog Caves Test Sites program, called LCATS, is based on the 2009 discovery of underground craters on the moon – 500-foot-wide openings in the lunar surface … Read more

Why doesn’t technology make war easier?

Why doesn’t technology make war easier? The invasion of Ukraine demonstrated that many prevailing assumptions about the role of technology in today’s warfare are wrong. The lesson that technology is unable to meet the challenges of war is one the West has yet to learn, despite a series of failed interventions since the end of … Read more

The US’s joint support shows that time is not on Ukraine’s side

A year after the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, fears about a rapid decline in American support for Kiev have proven clearly wrong. Thanks to Allied unity and a surprisingly mild winter, Western financial and military support was strong. But financial analysts continually remind us that past performance is no guarantee of future results. … Read more

Democracy is at stake in the 2024 US elections

Great uncertainty looms over the 2024 U.S. presidential election. As the list of international crises grows, partisan divisions in Congress over foreign policy priorities are intensifying, suggesting that concerns about America’s future commitments are well-founded. The war between Israel and Hamas is being used by pro-Trump Republicans to restrict American support for Ukraine. Republicans criticized … Read more